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“I Was Canada’s Cancer Nurse.”Rene M. Caisse

This is the original and legendary Herbal Formula by Rene Caisse made by Resperin Canada Ottawa Ontario Canada.

A most amazing story comes from a small town called Bracebridge Ontario Canada, about a nurse who discovered a beneficial treatment for cancer, which she named ESSIAC (Caisse spelled backwards). Miss Caisse states that she was naïve enough to think she could accumulate enough proof so that her treatment would be acceptable to the Medical profession, believing of course, that the Cancer organizations were looking for a cure for this dreaded disease.
But the more proof she succeeded in producing, the more determined they were that it should not be made available to the suffering humanity, so she went on helping and healing for years, without taking any money for her treatment. They could not discredit her, and she ran an open clinic for eight years in Bracebridge, Ontario. Doctors came from all parts of the world and were amazed at her success, she treated thousands of patients over many years.

I was CANADA’S CANCER NURSE by Rene Caisse

In the mid-twenties I was head nurse at the Sisters of Providence Hospital in a northern Ontario town. One day one of my nurses was bathing an elderly lady patient. I noticed that one breast was a mass of scar tissue, and asked about it. 
“I came from England nearly 30 years ago,” she told me. ” I joined my husband, who was prospecting in the wilds of Northern Ontario. My right breast became sore and swollen, and very painful. My husband brought me to Toronto, and the doctors told me I had advanced cancer and my breast must be removed at once.” 
“Before we left camp a very old Indian medicine man had told me I had cancer, but he could cure it. I decided I’d just as soon try his remedy as to have my breast removed. One of my friends had died from breast surgery.Besides, we had no money.”
She and her husband returned to the mining camp, and the old Indian showed her certain herbs growing in the area, told her to make a tea from these herbs and to drink it every day.

She was nearly 80 years old when I saw her, and there had been recurrence of cancer.

I was interested, and wrote down the names of the herbs she had used.I knew that doctors threw up their hands when cancer was discovered in a patient; it was the same as a death sentence, just about. I decided that if I should ever develop cancer, I would use this herb tea.

About a year later, I was visiting a retired doctor, whom I knew well.We were talking slowly about his garden when he took his cane and lifted a weed. “Nurse Caisse,” he told me, “If people would use this weed there would be little or no cancer in the world.” He told me the name of the plant. It was one of the herbs my patient had named as an ingredient of the Indian medicine man’s tea!

A few months later, I received word that my mother’s only sister had been operated on in Brockville, Ontario. The doctors had found she had cancer of the stomach with a liver involvement, and gave her, at most, six months to live. I hasted to her, and talked to her doctor. He was Dr R.O.Fisher of Toronto, whom I knew well, for I’d nursed patients for him many times. I told him about the herb tea, and asked his permission to try it under his observation, Since there apparently was nothing more medical science could do for my aunt he consented quickly. I obtained the necessary herbs, with some difficulty, and made the tea.

My aunt lived for 21 years, after being given up by the medical profession. There was no recurrence of the cancer.

Dr Fisher was so impressed he asked me to use my treatment on some of his hopeless cancer cases. Other doctors heard about me from Dr Fisher, and asked me to treat patients for them after everything medical science had to offer had been used and failed. They, too were impressed with the results. Several of these doctors asked me if I would be willing to use the treatment on an old man whose face was eaten away, and who was bleeding so badly that the doctors said he could not live more than ten days.

“We will not expect a miracle,” they told me. “But if your treatment can help this man in this stage of cancer, we will know that you have discovered something the whole world needs desperately – a successful remedy for cancer.”

My treatment stopped the bleeding in less than 24 hours. The man’s face healed . He lived for six months, with very little discomfort. On the strength of what those doctors saw with their own eyes, eight of them signed a petition to the Department of National Health and Welfare at Ottawa, asking that I be given facilities to do independent research of my discovery. Their petition dated at Toronto on October 27, 1926, reads as follows:

Rene Cassie say’s that she has never claimed that her treatment cures cancer – although many of her patients, and the doctors whom I have worked, claim that it does. My goal has been the control of cancer, and alleviation of pain. Diabetes, pernicious anemia and arthritis are not curable but with insulin, liver extract, and adrenal cortex extracts, these “incurable” live out a comfortable controlled life span.

Cancer patients were successfully treated by me for over 25 years using Essiac hypodermically and orally. Since I am a nurse and not a physician, I never gave the treatment until I had a written diagnosis of cancer signed by a qualified doctor. As often as possible, I administered my treatment under observation of doctors.

We believe Essiac® helps to purge toxic build up and waste from the body with its proprietary combination of natural cleansing herbs in exact ratio Essiac® is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, which helps nourish and strengthen individual cells, and molecules. Essiac® the original herbal formula from Resperin Canada, helps thousands of people worldwide without any adverse side effects. Taken as suggested, Essiac® is natural, safe, effective,non-toxic and drug free herbal formula.


Available in both powder and liquid form.

Praise for Essiac

I’m feeling great. My energy has improved. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold or flu and checkups are clear. I believe in healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, but also believe that Essiac has boosted my immune system and is keeping me well.
RM. Ontario,Canada

Two and a half years ago, Billy was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease. After enduring five chemotherapy treatments, Billy packed his bags and ran away from home to get away from the chemo. He eventually started drinking Resperin’s Essiac. The ESSIAC helped to detoxify his body and cleanse his blood. The CANCER has gone for 2 years now and Billy is the picture of health. 
SB. South Carolina, U.S.A.

My sisters introduced me to ESSIAC, a natural herbal remedy that might have been my only hope. Both my sister and I firmly believe that the ESSIAC has made a difference in giving me strength. After the radiation, the doctor told me that the nodes in my left neck appear to be all gone and the node in my right neck is still shrinking
EJ. Florida, USA

In the end of December of 1994, I began drinking the original ESSIAC. Three and a half months later, all seven tumors on my arms and legs have completely gone. I hope those who have tried the counterfeit products will not get discouraged. They should continue to try Resperin’s ” Essiac” because “Essiac” is Rene Caisse’s orginal herbal formula.
HHL Ontario Canada

Eight years ago,I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. I heard about ESSIAC and started taking it. After being on it for 6 months, I went and had my annual check-up with my doctor. All tests regarding my thyroid came back negative and I fee great.
AA. Nova Scotia, Canada

Richard had surgery on nine different occasions to remove cancerous bladder tumors. Richard was in poor condition and our doctor was hinting that he might not make it through. Richard began taking ESSIAC. Approximately 40 small and large tumors and tissue pieces passed with his urine. Richard and I could not believe what was happening. I wish with all my heart, that many of the cancer stricken human beings can have the same wonderful experience as Richard and I.
HS. Toronto, Canada

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on Dec 20, 1994.I started taking ESSIAC in January 1995.In April 1996, my last tests, I received this incredible good news,” Everything checks out Normal”. My good fortune and general good health has prompted family and friends to drink this tea as a cancer preventative and for general well being too. I’m indebted to ESSIAC.
SM. Toronto, Canada

Comments from healthcare practitioners:

1) “Cancer therapies always weaken your body and its cellular resistance. Essiac ® tea functions in the opposite manner.” Dr. Julian Whitaker, ” Health & Healing” May 1995.

2) “The progress obtainable and actual results from Essiac®… and the rapidity of repair were absolutely marvelous, and must be seen to be believed “Dr.Emma Carson, “Options”, 1993, p.110

3) ” I am however most impressed with the effectiveness.. and its lack of side effects.” (Concerning Essiac®) Dr. E. Bruce Hendrick, Chief of Neurosurgery, University of Toronto’s hospital for sick children, letter to the Minister of Health & Welfare , Oct.5, 1985

4) ” We might well look at Essiac® as symbolizing the reversal of the degenerative process.” Dr.Jim Chan, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

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