Totara Herbal Totara Tree Lung-Fix Tonic 250mls Lung-Fix Tonic Two-stage Support for winter ills and chills   Aniseed, Elderflower, Hoheria.. Category: Anvils Product #: 250mls 0 stars, based on 0 reviews Regular price: $14.90 $$14.90 Available from: Colin Middleton Condition: excellent condition In Stock
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Totara Tree Lung-Fix Tonic 250mls

Totara Tree Lung-Fix Tonic 250mls
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Lung-Fix Tonic

Two-stage Support for winter ills and chills


Aniseed, Elderflower, Hoheria, Karanga,Kawakawa, Thyme, Kumarahou, Totara, Yarrow, White Horhound



STAGE ONE: Acute Onset

At the earliest stage of winter ills and chills use drops of Lung-Fix directly onto the

tongue every hour until comfortable.

STAGE TWO: Convalescence

Bed rest is recommended for at least 48 hours.

During the recovery stage, Lung-Fix syrup is

given in hot drinks to support recovery. 

HOT DRINK: Mix the suggested dosage into

a quarter to half a cup of hot water, stir in a

little Manuka honey and add a squeeze of

fresh lemon juice. Allow the drink to cool to a

comfortable temperature and then sip the mix.


This Lung-Fix Elixir is a pleasant tasting, double acting syrup for the early stages of seasonal ills and chills


Aotearoa Rongoa

Traditional Maori Medicine

Hoheria: A sweet herb used to support the immune system for winter ills and chills 

Karenga: The Seaweed that grew around the

coast of Aotearoa was an important part of Maori

medicine and food. It is rich in pure Carrageen,

that is still used to this day to help mucus removal  and to speed convalescence.

Kumarahou: Maori Healers used to gather

the leaves and flowers of the Kumarahou for supporting bronchial health

Totara : The Inner bark of the Totara was boiled to   support temperature balance  


Herbal Dietary Supplements

Thyme: It is naturally rich in thymol

and is used  to support bronchial health and clear airways  Rich in

iodine and contains silicon, sulphur, Vitamins B

complex, C, D and E.

Hoarhound: Gentle tonic expectorant.

Vitamins A, B complex, C and E. Iron,potassium, sulphur.


Elder Flowers: Used to support temperature balance for seasonal ills and chills.  

Rich in minerals, especially


Yarrow or Milfoil:Supports the immune responses for ills and chills and aids recovery  

Contains vitamins A,

C, E and K. A source of the minerals copper,

iron, manganese and iodine.

Aniseed: Soothing support for clear airways. Vitamins

B and E, plus minerals potassium, calcium,

iron, sulphur and magnesium.


contains an antiseptic

mucilage that has a soothing action on the airways

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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